Hi, I’m Gary, a developer based in Belfast Northern Ireland. I’m currently plying my trade with the software studio Scaffold.

There is nothing I find more satisfying than developing something well, and in a world filling up with stuff, attention to detail matters more than ever. By keeping it simple I make room to breathe so I can step back, and focus on the quality of the things I produce.

With many years of experience in the industry, I’ve worked with clients from all over on projects big & small. If you’re interested in working with me or just fancy a chat don’t be afraid to get in touch.

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Front-end Development

I create highly functional, visually pleasing and user-friendly responsive web-based applications for a variety of clients across many industries.

Using technologies like NPM, Angular, Gulp, HTML, Javascript & CSS  I build pixel perfect user interfaces while balancing customer needs & application performance whilst working within an agile environment to develop high-quality web applications.

Backend Development

I create and improve the server-side web applications when combined with front-end UIs help create a functional but seamless experience for users.

Using technologies such as JavaScript, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Node.JS, SASS, Laravel & other Frameworks to ensure the delivery of scalable, well structured, efficient web applications.

Other Skills

As well as a strong technical ability I’ve knowledge of design. The combination of the technical & creative allows me to add that extra touch. Other day to day tasks as a developer can range from carrying out in-depth security audits, version control with GIT, using a standard LAMP stack, agile software development, improving performance & increase visitors to websites using advanced SEO techniques, to everyday technical & email support.