We are professional designers & developers that have been working in the industry for many years.  Gary opened Refresh Digital after spotting a lack of quality that some other agencies provide. At Refresh Digital there is nothing we find more satisfying than making something well, and in a world filling up with stuff, attention to detail matters more than ever.

By keeping it simple we can make room to breathe, step back, and focus on the quality of the things we produce. With being involved in the digital industry we’ve worked with clients from all over the world on projects big & small.



Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our web designers and developers, we create awesome websites that exceed expectations and achieve online results.

  • Content strategy
  • Website development
  • Mobile Friendly websites
  • Ecommerce
Graphic Design

We live in a world where first impressions are everything and standing out from the crowd is the difference between success and failure. We work with you to create a refresh approach to what usual digital agencies offer.

  • Branding
  • Marketing materials
  • Print design
  • Product design
  • Bespoke Web Design
  • User interface design
Bespoke Web Applications

Complex websites, interactive environments or complete management tools. We are masters in designing innovative online platforms.

  • Back-end Systems
  • Responsive Applications
  • API Development
  • CMS Systems
  • Apps
Web Services

From carrying out in-depth audits, improving how people find your website using advanced SEO techniques to everyday tech support. We offer all this and more because we like to work ‘with’ you rather than ‘for’ we are Refresh.

  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Optimization
  • Online Security
  • Tech Support
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  • Procrastinating
  • Reading
  • Making Lists
  • Dogs then cats
  • Animation
  • Video Games
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