1. Tell us your story

Before any work starts  we first need to get to know you. We learn about your organisation and the project’s context, define goals, devise a high-level strategy, and outline a scope of work.

2. Plan it

By now, we understand what your business and your goals. Together, We frame your ideas into a coherent and effective plan. This is a vital step that ensures your project meets all its goals and delivered on time and budget.

3. Create

We build prototype ideas, design concepts, test elements and figure out how the things we’re making will work and refine the successful parts.

4. Deliver

Finalise designs, write code, test and deploy.  Then we add that extra special shine before working out how best to launch the project for the most positive impact.

5. Lets Team Up

Creating outstanding work means we work together. This is the Refresh Approach, we consider true teamwork as the key to successful project. If you like our approach so far, then don’t hesitate to take that first step and contact us.